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? Clunes Neighbourhood House, 70 Bailey Street, Clunes, 3370 (Lee Medlyn Home of Bottles), Tues - Fri, 9.45am - 3.15pm

Our New Home
Clunes Neighbourhood House has moved to the Lee Medlyn Home of Bottles, at 70 Bailey St, Clunes. We also have a new phone number, which is (03) 5345 4078.

The Lee Medlyn Home of Bottles is proving to be a welcoming new home for the Clunes Neighbourhood House. It's fabulous to see such a fine old building, with generous rooms filling with people and activity and moving into a new phase of its existence.

Whilst the Clunes Neighbourhood House too is evolving, there are still some of the standard offerings. The Hub offers free internet for anyone over 50. You can print and photocopy. The Clunes Mens Shed and the Community Space gardeners are active and that space also is gaining momentum. You will have seen that there are some regular events - the Thursday Salons and the First Tuesday Pizza Luncheons which are gathering fans. This term there are some workshop offerings for all ages.

There is much planning and preparing going on, to bring many more tasty offerings for our local community in 2014. We look forward to seeing you at our new home, or at one of our special events.

Our New Home