Clunes Neighbourhood House

Neighbourhood Houses are key partners in boosting grassroots leadership and collaboration. We know ‘it takes a village’ to generate the ideas, enthusiasm and activities that make living in Hepburn Shire a pleasure. By working with local people, businesses and other community groups, we can add to the liveability of our communities by supporting everyone to be an active part of their local neighbourhood.


Climbing the silks in our Art Attack Circus class.

We’re excited to see everyone back at circus, its going to be an awesome year. Classes start again on Tuesday 4th February. Click here to book.


Each week we will develop strength, flexibility, coordination and body control through training a variety of circus skills including…
ACROBATICS Tumbling, Mini Tramp, Handstands, Partner and Group Balances
AERIAL Trapeze, Silks
MANIPULAITION Juggling, Hula Hoop, Diabolo, Object balancing
EQUILIBRISTICS Tightwire, Rola Bola, Unicycle, Stilts

Trainers: Christy Flaws & Luke O’Connor

What to bring: Comfy clothes (no dresses or jeans), water bottle, hairband for long hair.

Cost: This program is ‘pay as you feel’. This means we don’t want people to miss out if they can’t afford the class. If you can afford to pay please do as this will help us continue the program into the future. If you can’t afford the recommended amount but still want to contribute select the donation option to pay what you can.


A safe, fun and inclusive class for women of all ages and abilities.
Tuesdays 1-2:30pm | 4th February – 24th March
Each week we will develop strength, flexibility, coordination and body control through training a variety of movement and circus skills. Learn to juggle, hula hoop, walk the tightwire and hang on a trapeze.

A fun and inclusive class for primary school aged students in grades 1 to 6.
Tuesdays 3:15pm – 4:45pm | 4th February – 24th March

A fun and inclusive class for young adults aged 13 – 25.
Tuesdays 5:00pm – 7:00pm | 4th February – 24th March

A fun and inclusive open training session for for young adults aged 13 – 25.
Fridays 5:00pm – 6:30pm | 7th February – 27th March

All classes are being held at the Clunes Community Centre (behind the Clunes Pool), Ligar Street, Clunes.

Circus is a big part of our Art Attack program, and it’s great fun, but there’s so much more to it. Click here to learn more.

Tame your Tech – coming soon

Volunteer,Will Maki taking the Tame Your Tech class.

Outsmart your smart device.  Whether it’s your laptop, iPhone or tablet, discover the tricks you need to know to make it do your bidding!  Will Maki’s course was so popular we are going to run it again soon.

The Saturday Project

Did you know that Clunes kids go to at least 8 different high schools when they leave Clunes Primary School? Life pulls local kids in different directions, while growing up creates new pressures.  Having a place where you can chillax (urban dictionary definition: “…calm down and relax, dance to your favourite tune or have friends over.”) is exactly what our kids say they need. No surprise that mental health researchers agree with them 100%.

Civic Kids

Contributing to our Neighbourhood – now and in the future – is a big part of Clunes Neighbourhood House’s role.  Did you know that in January 2019 a team of civic minded kid’s gathered 59 different ideas from the community about how we’d all like to see Clunes evolve in future years? Many of these ideas relate to the way land might be used, developed or protected in our town – all relevant to the Planning Scheme Review being conducted by Hepburn Shire Council now.  Clunes young people have already presented these ideas to a council meeting in February, and tabled this document again at a planning session in October 2019. View Report: Civic Kids Consultation Outcomes

Christmas in Clunes

Even Santa volunteers with the Neighbourhood House on special occasions such as our Christmas Street Parade.

Christmas in Clunes for 2019 is now officially a wrap!  This collaborative activity is more than a series of events, it’s a way of connecting all sections of our community to achieve the goals that are important to our town – our heritage, our people and the health of our businesses.  If you are Clunes business and you want to give us feedback about the impact of Christmas in Clunes in 2019…then click here!

What We Do

Our #foodisfree stand is a place for locals to give and receive fresh food for free! Lambley Nursery, Aldi and local individuals regularly contribute produce.

We auspice local groups such as the Clunes Artists Group and the Mens Shed, to help them run activities in our community.

We help people bring their ideas to life. In the example pictured, some kids had a great fund-raising idea, we worked with them to make it happen, and they raised over a thousand dollars.

We liaise with other groups to bring great events to our community, such as the annual Christmas in Clunes celebrations.

Our focus on the health and welfare of all our community includes Art Attack, bringing a regular circus program and outreach activities to our youth, in co-operation with Asking For Trouble.

And we have fun! That’s very important.

Fun Facts


of our volunteers are men


of our community contributions
are funded, the
rest is provided
by volunteers


contributed to the Hepburn community
by our  volunteers


37 volunteers involved in our operations each week

Want to join us?

We welcome new volunteers at Clunes Neighbourhood House. There is a role for all sorts of skills – Committee of Management, Gardener, Admin, Cleaner, and many more.

Just call us or pop in to chat about it, or to bring us your ideas about a new initiative for our local community.

(there’s more of course)

| Volunteering connects you to others.
| Volunteering is good for your mind and body.
| Volunteering can advance your career.
| Volunteering brings fun and fulfillment to your life.

Watch this space, follow us on facebook, phone us on 5345 4078, or check out the Clunes Community Newsletter, for all the latest news.

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