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While Neighbourhood Houses across the country all look very different, the basic principles that underpin how a House works with their community are the same.   Each House starts with the assumption that communities have existing strengths and assets that make them part of the solution – and then we approach what we do by “doing with, rather than doing for.” []

In Clunes, we are fortunate to be part of a town where people place a lot of value on being an active part of their community through volunteering.   Volunteering is a very practical way of getting involved in community building. It creates connections, relationships and experiences that build on the strengths and assets of a community.

This month the nation celebrates National Volunteering Week. We thought take the opportunity to celebrate a few of the many important ways that volunteers and volunteering help shape Clunes Neighbourhood House.


  • Did you know that currently Clunes Neighbourhood House has 37 volunteers involved in our operations each week?
  • Did you know that more than 50% of our volunteers are men?
  • Did you know that our fastest growing segment of volunteers are young people?

Meet one of our volunteers


He may be young, but Matt is keen to be involved in his community and he pops in and helps us out every week. Here he is getting ready to head out and put up posters for the Splash Test Dummies show held here recently.

The Saturday Project

RGB The Saturday Project - Art Attack (2)Did you know that Clunes kids go to at least 8 different high schools when they leave Clunes Primary School? Life pulls local kids in different directions, while growing up creates new pressures.  Having a place where you can chillax (urban dictionary definition: “…calm down and relax, dance to your favourite tune or have friends over.”) is exactly what our kids say they need. 

No surprise that mental health researchers agree with them 100%.

Reaching for the Stars!


Not only is Circus back, but we’ve now got the rigging to introduce a whole new range of skills to our Art Attack classes.  Big thanks to the other users of the Community Centre space, and Hepburn Shire Council for helping us install rigging for silks and trapeze.


Tame your Technology


Outsmart your smart device.  Whether it’s your laptop, iPhone or tablet, discover the tricks you need to know to make it do your bidding!  Will Maki’s course was so popular we are going to run it again in the near future.

Watch this space…


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