Getting the Garden Going

Liz Bach, one of our volunteers, working on the beds.
Liz Bach, one of our volunteers, working on the beds.

We started late 2018 when very small group came together responding to the need of the Clunes Neighbourhood House to beautify the area surrounding the 2 containers that are now the home of Art Attack and Bag projects.  Our group consists of Viktoria Bach, Liz Bach and Carmel and Dayle Betts.  Each person has a role to play and can be involved as much or as little as their respective lives allows.

We have 5 freestanding garden beds, as well as the garden beds surrounding the containers. We are fortunate enough to have existing garden beds with reasonable soil so we decided to plant out the containers with some lavenders and native grasses which looked great for a short time.  Unfortunately this didn’t last, and we soon found out the the soil had little ability to hold water and/or nutrients.  Sadly in January 2019 when we resumed work after our Christmas break, there was little evidenced of any plants.  We were devastated by this loss.  Given that it was summer, we took our time as it was blisteringly hot. We were able to source some manure, hay and coffee grounds to add structure to our soil.  Thanks Widow Twankeys – very much appreciated! There was quite a bit of digging and moving manure etc., so that we would be able to plant in Autumn. 

Spinach.jpgDuring this time we took some cuttings of herbs and cultivated them at home so that we could keep an eye on our tender little babies.  Finally Autumn arrived with cooler weather and a very little amount of rain. We had a lovely morning planting Red & Green Sorrel, 2 types of Thyme, Rocket, Oregano, Perpetual Basil, Apple Mint, Chives, Borage, Sage, Celery, spring onions and Silverbeet. Earlier we had received a donation of some bulbs so we were able to plant a whole bed of bulbs.  Thank you to Mel Drummond.  It was such a lovely morning planting our little babies and then watering them in.  We had also received a load of manure which we added to the remaining beds.  Thanks Liz.  We have recently moved one of the tables/park bench to our corner of the garden where we cleaned it… it is hardly recognizable!   It has been a couple of weeks since planting and we are very excited to see after more rain that not only have our plants doubled in size but they look healthy and full of promise for a bumper crop.  We have been able to work together to not only beautify the grounds of the Clunes Neighborhood House, we have also developed friendships and a sense of community.  Everyone has been supportive and has contributed spiritually and by the sharing of knowledge, experience and resources.  It is amazing what a few people can do when they come together and share. 

There is still plenty to do and so we will be there each Friday morning at 10am please call in and have a chat or a cuppa and check out our progress.

Carmel & Dayle Betts

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