Strawberry Fields Forever…

strawberry clipart.pngThanks to some hard working and committed individuals the garden space at Neighbourhood House continues to take shape, and we’re all excited to see the fruits of our labour soon.

Our current crop of strawberry cuttings are looking very promising, and if all goes well we’ll have an abundance of strawberries in the coming months. I’ve also managed to sneak in some Flat Leaf Parsley, which is thriving in the current wet weather and, with a bit of luck, will self-seed, creating an abundant and self-renewing source of fresh parsley which we can all enjoy.

Weeding is a constant battle in any garden, and so we decided to plant some purple and white Violets, which not only make it harder for weeds to take hold in the garden beds, but they are a lovely splash of colour and hopefully will cope with the extreme weather in Clunes. We’ve also spent a bit of time weeding beneath the numerous native trees and have added a fresh layer of mulch to prevent fresh weed growth. Dayle and I both extend our thanks to Patrick for his help with this daunting task.

We also want to give a big thanks to Kim for her work in planting the many different succulents around the Art Attack Space – and general help around the garden.   We are so grateful for her hard work, particularly in what has been to put it mildly, rather bleak weather!  Huge thanks too to Patrick who has helped rid our beautiful trees of all the weeds that were strangling them at the base.

Finally, we’ve set up a worm farm. It’s early days yet, and we don’t have that many worms yet, but if the wet weather continues, we should see plenty more soon. However, if you have an abundance of your own worms, do let us know! We’d be more than happy to give them a new home.

But for as much as we’ve done, we still have so much more to do, so by all means if you’re interested in finding out more, head on down and join us for a chat and a cuppa on Fridays mornings between 10-11 am. Alternatively you can ring me on 0421 635 369 and we can have a chat about any questions you have.

Happy gardening!

Carmel Betts

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