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Clunes based circus/physical theatre company Asking for Trouble are leading one of nine game changing projects that have been announced by the Victorian Government to tackle significant social change through art and creativity.

Art Attack is a two year youth program blending regular circus activities with outreach activities from visiting artists, as well as developmental field trips across the state. Art Attack will culminate in a public art event in Clunes, co-designed by local young people.


“We’re thrilled to give young people in Clunes the opportunity to step outside their comfort zones, to try new things and to help shape the cultural life of their community,” sad Ms Christy Flaws, half of the Asking for Trouble duo.

“In our experience one of the most important impacts this kind of project can make is to give young people a chance to redefine themselves and the way their community see’s them.”

“This funding will allow us to deliver an exciting and incredibly fun program for young people in a way that is sustainable, creating a wide range of artistic interventions often, in the most unexpected and everyday places,” added Christy.

“Art Attack gives us an opportunity to listen and respond to young people’s voices, while building a connection to community. We will provide a space for them to develop confidence, trust and resilience to tackle some of the mental wellbeing issues kids face.”

Art Attack is auspiced by Clunes Neighbourhood House, ensuring that the resources and relationships that evolve out of this project are embedded into the Clunes community.

“Our hope is that by placing Asking for Trouble right in the heart of our neighbourhood, the kids they work with will tap into the broader community networks that we support as a Neighbourhood House,” said Ms Lana de Kort, Manager, Clunes Neighbourhood House.

“Certainly, over the last two years as Asking for Trouble, often in a voluntary capacity, have worked with local kids we’ve seen what is possible,” said Lana, “Friendships have formed, issues have been problem solved and kids have been able to be active and creative in fun ways – and most importantly celebrate.”

“Art Attack will accelerate that, and hopefully be the beginning of a sustainable arts/community collaboration that meets kid’s needs, as well as inspires them as they grow older.”

If you are interested in hearing more about how Art Attack will be rolling out in Clunes email or call Clunes Neighbourhood House on 5345 4078.

For all media enquiries, contact:
Christy Flaws, Art Attack – Artistic Director, Asking for Trouble, Tel: 0431 608 389
Lana de Kort, Art Attack – Community Director, Clunes Neighbourhood House, Tel: 0422152 811

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