CareMonkey FAQs

Is the CareMonkey system secure?
The CareMonkey system uses sophisticated security measures to keep data safe. Detailed information about security for the system is available on the CareMonkey website here:

You control what information is available and can update the information and remove access at any time.

The details will never be made available to any other party without your permission. Your details will never be used, sold or rented to another organisation for any purpose.

Who can see my child’s information when I share this with the club?
The club administrators, coaches and team managers responsible for your child during the season may have access to your child’s care profile. Access requires usernames and passwords and all data is encrypted in the database. Your club will understand the information provided by you is private and sensitive; club officials have the same high level of confidentiality with this information as they do with paper-based records.

Who else can see my child’s information?
Only groups or people you specifically give access to can view the information about your child.

Do you keep track of who is looking at the profiles?
Yes, the CareMonkey system audits all users of the system at the club. It automatically tracks every occasion a care profile is viewed and by which user and when.

What happens when my child leaves the club?
When your child leaves the club their profile will be archived and not available on mobile devices anymore. Further, any new changes you as a parent make to the profile will not be shared with the club.

This does not delete the care profile from your account. You still control the care profile and can continue to use it and share it with other trusted individuals or groups. You can also manually delete access to the club yourself after your child has left the club.

How often do I need to update the information?
Once you’ve completed the care profile for your child it is easy to keep it up to date. You will only need to update data when things change. For example, a new emergency contact, updated mobile phone number, a new medical condition, an updated asthma plan and so on. A club may ask you to log in from time to time (eg. start of the season) to confirm that details are still up to date.

The care profile is completed…Why am I getting email reminders?
You will receive email (or text) reminders from time to time asking you to confirm that the details are still correct. The club relies on this information to care for your child so it is important that it is current. As such, you may be asked to verify that it is up to date.

Can I use this for other family members and share with other people?
Yes, once you have entered details for your child you can optionally create care profiles for other family members. You can share these care profiles with people you trust to care for your loved ones; such as family, friends and babysitters. If another group (such as your school) uses CareMonkey you can share the same profile with that group.

My child’s school is using CareMonkey. Do I need to enter the details twice?
No. The care profile you have created for your child can be shared multiple times. This means you only need to update one care profile and the club, school and individuals you share it with have access to the same details. When you make an update all carers who can access the data have the latest information.

What happens when there is no internet access?
CareMonkey has a downloadable app on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets. These mobile versions store a secure encrypted copy of the care profiles on the device. This means the information can be accessed by club officials, coaches or team managers at training, or a home or away game, even without internet access.

The CareMonkey system also allows the club to print a paper report for each profile.

How much does it cost?
The cost for CareMonkey is covered by your club. If you want to use it for other family members it is free. Families can also download the free app for CareMonkey for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets. These mobile versions store a secure encrypted copy of the care profiles on the device. This means the information can be accessed by you even without internet access.