Civic Kids

PLEASE NOTE: Due to coronavirus we are temporarily operating from home.  We want you to stay safe at home.  Browse our website or follow our facebook page for ways to keep busy and connected.

Civic Kids is an emerging leadership project that we designed to explore how young people could become effective parts of everyday civic activities in their local community.  The program was a pilot in Clunes that focused on building the capacity of both young people to engage, as well as the ability of stakeholders such as council and community groups to effectively integrate young people into their decision making activities.  

We developed Civic Kids so that other communities could adopt the model and implement it in their suburb or town.  Call 5345 4078 or email to discover how Civic Kids could work for you.

Map Of Civic Kids (1)

Civic Kids – Clunes

In Clunes, Civic Kids explored how communities effect change, putting their ideas into action through a public art display that they called ‘Trees of Change’. The art work is a reflection of the feedback they received from the community and an expression of how they envisage supporting community goals as a young group of people. 

Civic Kids is an initiative that was funded by the Hepburn Shire Council, Community Planning Implementation Fund.


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