Futures Dreaming


“We cannot predict the future, but we can create it”. – George Eliot

Clunes Neighbourhood House are consulting with local people of Clunes to seek their hopes and dreams for the future with a local community context.

Until the end of February 2019, we are collecting submissions to assist in developing ideas about local lifestyles in terms of the things we would like to see, do, feel and hear by around the year 2050.

With the patterns that emerge from this qualitative information, Clunes Neighbourhood House can determine the kinds of projects it can seed and back to benefit the local region.

By working together with subject matter experts and in conjunction with industry partners, Clunes Neighbourhood House can support the kinds of community initiatives to help us thrive in safe, sustainable and connected ways.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, please feel free to send through how you would like Clunes to flourish in the future: futuresdreaming@gmail.com

Seeking local thoughts and ideas

Robyn and Adrian find Clunes to be a welcoming place.

Andrew discusses local services including; schools, transport, universal accessibility and solar energy.

Tess evaluates strategies and processes of embedding sustainable activities in town culture.

Malcolm reflects on trends in agriculture, technology, housing, community needs and conversations.

Vivienne considers aspects conducive to life-long learning such as trust, listening and a sense of belonging.

June shares creative options for gardening to suit individual circumstances and mitigate climate change.

Peter observes some examples of change over time, articulating some of the opportunities and constraints for long-term community goals.

Tessa talks about active communities driving their own sustainable growth initiatives to improve holistic wellness.

Graeme explains how open learning environments are beneficial and how to preserve historical sites designed to facilitate the growth and development of a community.