Futures Dreaming

We cannot predict the future, but we can create it.                                                                — George Eliot

Since 2018 Clunes Neighbourhood House has been working with internationally recognised macro-historian and futurist Dr Mike McAllum to help us think about our future.

To begin exploring the future, we’ve been exploring how the past and the present have shaped us as a community.  Finding the patterns that exist as part of our community psyche help us understand the lenses through which we see the world, and therefore the drivers that will focus us as we look toward the future.

Through conversations with community members we’ve begun to see how the way we relate to our environment, how we make it a home and how we work together all form important parts of Clunes DNA.  Knowing what we value helps us know what we want to preserve and where we dare to dream.

To view the full conversations view here.

Imagining the future is tricky.  The patterns around you shape your thinking, so the ideas you come up with, are often an extension of the priorities that are topical now.


Civic Kids discovered this when they reached out to the community, asking them to envision what they wanted in Clunes in 2050.  The list was impressive, but not unexpected.

So it makes us wonder, what would happen if we asked a different question?  “What Clunes would you envision, if the impossible was possible?”

Futures Dreaming is a project that was funded by the Hepburn Shire Council, Community Planning Implementation Fund.




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