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“There never was a night or a problem that could not be defeated by sunrise and hope.” Bernard Williams, Philosopher

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Sometimes the complexities of modern society can seem beyond an individual’s influence, but with access to opportunities and support that nurture aspirations, as well as the development of personal attributes that foster employability, we all have the capacity to improve our own future. In Clunes, Victoria – a once thriving gold town that has preserved its entrepreneurial spirit and sense of hope – the transformative power of aspiration, education and personal attributes or soft skills such as flexibility, problem solving and communication were top of mind during a recent, community-wide survey of employability.


Clunes is a small town with a rich gold history. Clunes early industry and thriving local economy are evident in the streetscapes and historic buildings. However fast forward more than 150 years, and like many regional towns, Clunes has experienced tougher times and is now ranked as the third lowest socio-economic postcode in Victoria. With limited economic opportunity comes a range of long term social issues that can spiral, pulling people further away from security and well-being.

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What we uncovered with our survey was a willingness and capacity for the town to work together to address endemic issues associated with a population that has lived with long term unemployment for generations – specifically aspirations, education and employability.